AWIPEV Base access for French and German scientists

Booking your research work at AWIPEV-Base

Once you have an AWIPEV accepted project, the formalities for preparing your stay form a 4-step process:

1.1 Project Leader: register your project at the RIS portal: (This can be done well in advance and should be updated annually for any new field period and/or publication and data set.)

1.2 Project Leader: Book Transport and Lodging for each field period and all expedition members of your team at the RIS portal:

Kings Bay AS will issue flight tickets for each person, once step 2 (below) is completed.

The new RIS portal provides online application to retrieve necessary permits from Svalbard GovernorSvalbard Science Forum or the Norwegian Animal Research Authority (for "invasive" studies of animals) or use the above links to the appropriate website.

2. All members of a research team must book at the AWIPEV-Base     individually: (ABS).  
Personal  data has to be provided only once, later you can choose your name from a list.  Any later modifications of your personal data can only be made by the administration, please provide such changes on the printed personal questionaire or by writing to or 

For each booking, you have to indicate, whether you book via AWI or IPEV. You can use the "save" and "submit" buttons when editing / finally booking your stay.

Only after the booking of ALL field work participants at ABS is completed will you receive the confirmations for step 1.2 !

3. You have to provide further specific forms for AWI and IPEV for logistic requirements, see left panel or AWI forms respective IPEV forms.

4. Project Leader: prepare and send Logistic Needs Form at least 6 weeks before departure to  Ny-Ålesund.

Planning Fieldwork

Field work on Spitzbergen is regulated by various provisions, mainly by the Governor of Svalbard. In order to find out whether your planned research requires permissions, please read the guide prepared by Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) and ensure that all permissions needed are delivered to the AWIPEV base leader before your visit.

The Svalbard Science Forum Guide for Research Planning

The Governor of Svalbard Guide for Scientists 

Before you leave for Spitsbergen

A) Booking your travel to Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, and sending your freight to the station has to be done by yourself. Please, read our hints at the AWIPEV pages and consider the following links Travel, Cargo, Mail Information and General Visitor Information.

B) Inform AWIPEV-Base and AWIPEV logistics by providing the form "Logistic needs" . 

Your stay at the station

You will be picked up at the airport and get an overwiew over the location and station, including the station rules.Kings Bay provides good infos here

Before you leave again, prepare in time the return freight of your equipment! In general no equipment, chemicals or other material can be left in Ny-Aalesund! For freight handling refer to the corresponding information by Kings Bay AS.

AWIPEV is committed to inform the public about the work at the station. You are asked to contribute by
- explaining your research activities to the station personnel, other guests, and visitors
- giving a public lecture in Ny-Ålesund
- providing infos or even write an article.