Research Projects at the French-German Arctic Research Base

Research at the AWIPEV Base with the stations Koldewey, Rabot and Corbel covers a large field of modern polar research. Both, long term and short term projects of atmospheric research, marine and terrestrial biology, or cryosphere research, are carried out at the AWIPEV Research Base.

New science proposals for using AWIPEV

New project proposals have to be submitted annually in September (see Science Proposals):

  • French project proposals have to be submitted to Opens external link in new windowIPEV
  • German project proposals have to be submitted to the Opens window for sending emailAWIPEV Secretariat at AWI in Potsdam.

Publications originating from AWIPEV-Base: from AWI's repository (ePic) 

Summaries of previous projects:

Projects in 2014

Projects in 2013

Projects in 2012

Project Archive

The old project list (covers projects 1998 - 2008)