February 2012

APOLOBIS Mission Report updated.

January 2012

Safety Course Longyearbyen The entire AWIPEV station crew including our French and German logistic coordinators participated from 09. until 14. January 2012 on the UNIS safety course in Longyearbyen. During the course, several topics were explained and also trained. The main focus of the course was to improve the knowledge about dangers in glaciers (cravasses), formation of sea ice and the safe crossing with scooters, search and rescue after an avalanche, first-aid in the Arctic, build-up of an emergency camp (including mounting of a trip wire for polar bear protection), navigation with map and GPS as well as the safe handling of rifles and a shooting training. The course ended with a practical training at real conditions outside over several hours on saturday on the Longyearbreen and with a final exam in the afternoon.