February/March 2014

Introduction Seminar

A small series of seminars will be given on
5. - 7. March 2014 at AWI-Bremerhaven
for preparing the season 2014:
  1. Biology and ecology research at AWIPEV Base (organised by AWI and Univ. Bremen, Prof. Kai Bischof)
  2. Introduction to the 2014 season at AWIPEV Base (general information for all projects)
  3. Polar bear protection course, theory and practical shooting.
Please find all infos in this information letter or contact Roland Neuber or Dirk Mengedoht for details. The Logistics Handout from the introduction seminar.

January 2014

Regular CTD profiling at Under Water Observatory

The COSYNA Under Water Observatory in Kongsfjorden operated by AWIPEV Base provides regular CTD profiles between the surface and 10 m water depth.

Profiles are measured daily between 8:00 and 11:00 hours with the underwater unit Remos1 Preliminary data of temperature, salinity and turbidity are now available, see sample plot.

More detailed description of the installation is available on this HZG-COSYNA web page.

For more information please contact Philipp Fischer at AWI.