June 2014

Team Take Over On Friday, 13th June, the station was taken over by the new team Verena Mohaupt (stationleader), Kerstin Binder (observatory engineer), and Thomas Dupeyron (logistics engineer). But before they got the station key, they had to solve difficult tasks like repairing a scooter, searching for a lost radiosonde somewhere in the snow or finding the treasure of Medusa, which was sunk in the fjord.

May 2014


The new AWIPEV Team has arrived at Ny Ålesund! Verena Mohaupt will overtake the leading of the station in beginning of June, supported by the observatory engineer Kerstin Binder and the french logistics engineer Thomas Dupeyron. They will stay at Ny Ålesund for 14 months. Verena & Kerstin also write a blog (in german) "79 Grad Nord".

April 2014

International Spring Aerosol Campaign

Currently researchers from Poland (Institute of Oceanology, Sopot, Univ. Warsaw), Norway (Alomar Rocket range) and Germany (Univ. Karlsruhe, AWI-Potsdam) use the facilities of the AWIPEV base and of Gruvebadet for a common study of aerosols by in-situ and remote sensing instruments. Read more ...

2014 Ozone Match campaign has ended

One of the longest ozone balloon campaigns (Match) has ended after 12 weeks of intensive ozone soundings (22 balloons sent from AWIPEV Base). Meteorological conditions in the Arctic stratosphere had allowed for substantial ozone loss, as preliminary analysis of the data sets reveal, say the Match PIs.