Booking your stay at AWIPEV

You need an approved project via AWI or IPEV before you can access the base, 

see Science Proposals.

Once you have an AWIPEV accepted project, the formalities for preparing your stay are given in the steps below:

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Updated general information about access for research activities in Ny-Ålesund are now provided by the Norwegian Polar Institute in the Researcher's Guide to Ny-Ålesund. 

1.1 Project Leader: register your project in the RIS portal:

The Research in Svalbard (RiS) Portal by law monitors all research on Svalbard and all projects have to be registered. 
The registration can be done well in advance of field work and does not need to be repeated every time, depending on the duration your project period.
However, multi year projects are required to update their project regularly.
(This can be done well in advance and should be updated annually for any new field period and/or publication and data set.)

1.2 Register your fieldwork period
A fieldwork period defines the period spent in the field (that is at the station and/or in the area).
Note: A new field period has to be created every year for every period your project has personnel in or around Ny-Ålesund (or on Svalbard in general)

1.3 Apply for permits
Field work on Spitzbergen is regulated by various provisions, mainly by the Governor of Svalbard. All requests for permits have to be done via the RiS portal when editing your project there.
The Ny-Ålesund Researcher's Guide provides an overview of required research permissions

1.3.1 Use of unmanned vehicles (airborne or on/under water)
UAVs, RPAs, AUVs, ... are becoming more and more versatile for polar research. 
Their use in Kongsfjorden has to follow newly adopted regulations, see UAV guidelines in the Ny-Ålesund Researcher's Guide.

2. Booking your stay in Ny-Ålesund & Kings Bay AS services 

2.1 Registration of participants

Before any booking can be made, the respective participant(s) have to be personally registered as "user" within the RiS data base here

The project leader can appoint only registered users as project participants. 

2.2 Booking

Book your stay in Ny-Ålesund, that is "Transport" and "Lodging" for each field period and all expedition members of your team through the RIS portal:

At the same time,  book all your Kings Bay Services, like The Marine Lab, Kings Bay boat “Teisten”, shooting course, all needed chemicals and other KB support through the RIS portal.
More information on the Kings Bay Research Facilities can be found here.

Shooting course in Ny-Ålesund:
We demand a yearly refresher course for each person wanting to borrow AWIPEV rifles. Book the refresher course (AWIPEV-course) with Kings Bay for all participants holding a valid  AWI or Kings Bay polar bear safety course (expires after 3 years). Book the AWI or a Kings Bay full course if you have no valid license.

Note: the village can only be left with a valid license since a rifle must be carried. If you have no license you must be accompanied by someone who has a license and rifle.

Important: Double check your bookings in detail and make sure they are correct. Wrong bookings of people’s status, dates, etc., that have not been corrected before arrival in NYA will be fully charged. If you have problems to correct mistakes due to problems with RIS, then contact the AWIPEV station leader!

All expedition members receive an email from Kings Bay As with their ticket, once the RiS booking has been fully processed. 

3. Provide necessary information to AWI / IPEV
Every expedition member automatically gets an email providing further information and forms which have to be completed and sent back to the AWI or IPEV logistics department. For any additional logistic requests see the left panel of this side for AWI forms respective IPEV forms.

4. Summary of logistic needs:
prepare and submit the new Logistic Needs Form at least 6 weeks before departure to  Ny-Ålesund. This document enables us to organize your stay and coordinate the resources at the station. 
A delayed submission can lead to equipment or support not being available at the base. 

5. Transportation
Annual dates for (container-)transportation from Bremerhaven or Brest are published at the AWIPEV news page, see here.