Cargo in general

When sending cargo to Ny-Ålesund, always prepare for the return sending as well. This relates to customs issues in your home country, as well as cargo handling issues in Ny-Ålesund itself.

When packing, use only reusable packing and filling material and prepare for using it on the return sending. Never use polystyrene flakes or similar, which will be blown by the wind.

Hazardous goods should not be send at all. Contact Kings Bay AS and ask them to provide any hazardous substances you might need.

Sending Cargo with couriers

Contact the station leader ( before sending any parcels to the base.
Although sending by mail is in general recommended, additional fees for parcel handling arises in Longyearbyen, when sending cargo by agents or couriers like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, DeutschePost service (Weltpaket), DB Schenker, US Postal Service, La Poste (Collissimo, Chronopost), etc...

Air cargo

Between any international airport and Longyearbyen, aircargo is handled as everywhere else in the world. But there are no special air cargo planes between Oslo and Longyearbyen, and therefore the weight and size of the colli is more limited. Air cargo must be labeled with the recepients address in Ny-Ålesund, the stations name and it should have the information "via Svalbard Airport Longyearbyen (LYR)". 

In addition to the air cargo costs to Longyearbyen, further costs arise for the transport Longyearbyen - Ny-Ålesund, which can not be invoiced by your air cargo agent.

Ship cargo

Cargo ships to Ny-Ålesund normally start in Tromsö. There are connections nearly every two to four weeks from May till November. There is irregular cargo ship service during winter, depending on demand and ice conditions.

Ship operator is Bring Logistics Norway, and a ship schedule for 2022 is found here.