January-March 2013

NySMAC Letter highlights Under Water Observatory

The latest NySMAC Newsletter features an overview of the newly installed under water observatory.

Underwater Long Term Fjord Observatory data online

Data from the AWIPEV Underwater Long Term Fjord Observatory can be seen here.
The observatory is described on this COSYNA web page

New AWIPEV Overwintering Team

On April 8, the new AWIPEV team has arrived. The Crew will overwinter and stay at the research base at least for 14 months.

New over-wintering team ready

Training courses and preparations are coming to their end in Potsdam, in “nearly” real condition, under snowfalls! The new AWIPEV over-wintering team is getting ready. Rudolf Denkmann (Base leader), Wiebke Aldenhoff (Observatory Engineer) and Guillaume Combescure (Logistics Engineer) will leave for Svalbard in the next weeks.

They have learnt how to operate the station. They know about its facilities, its observations, routines, instrumentations. Including logistics operations knowledges, they have been trained with engines mechanics, arctic boat driving, testing survival equipment and procedures.

They soon will use those new skills for the next summer campaigns and overwintering.