Cooling facilities

As storage capacities are limited, every storage has to be announced  and  to be agreed upon arrival. Please fill the Logistic needs form.
  • Refrigerator 150L / +5°C (Rabot)
  • Refrigerator 50L / +5°C (Observatory)
  • Refrigerator 150L / +5°C (Vaskeriet)
  • Freezer 200L / -20°C (Vaskeriet)
  • Freezer 50L / -20°C (Observatory)
  • Freezer 35L / -80°C (Vaskeriet)
  • Dry shipper (only for on- site usage)
  • Cryogenic  Tank 20 L / TW ST (only for on- site usage)
  • Liquid Nitrogen: is produced by the station, amount needed has to be announced upon arrival in the Logistic Needs form