Information on next Freight

  • Winter 2021/2022 container sent from Bremerhaven: 
    Scheduled arrival date in NYA: ca. 19 December 2021

         Deadline for delivery to “Hafenlager”  22nd of October 2021

         Freight papers need to be sent at least 4 work days before delivery at the warehouse.


General Freight Handling:

From AWI: Please contact Silke Henkel and Marcus Meierdierks (email: fracht (at) for further information
and see AWI general freight handling infos.

From IPEV: Please contact Pauline Boucher (+33 2 98 05 6517) and Dominique Fleury (+33 2 98 05 6542)

Schedule of the freight ship Nordbjorn      


Latest News for AWIPEV Base

Svalbard Science Conference 2021
will be held at Scandic Fornebu, Oslo 2-3 November 2021. Registration for the conference is open. 

The conference is framed by workshop and meetings of the Ny-Alesund Flagships 31 Oct to 4 November 2021.

Ny-Aalesund GIS is online by the Norwegian Polar Institute has opened a new layer showing scientific instruments, installations, and observatories in and around Ny-Aalesund. 

At choose the layer "Ny-Ålesund Research Objects".

News for 2021 field season

Corona information
provided by the Norwegian Polar Institute .

AWIPEV Introduction Seminar

The 2021 AWIPEV Introduction Seminar was held in two separate parts as a virtual meeting

with the AWIPEV Introduction to base logistics (27 Jan 2020)

and the Introduction to AWIPEV Scientific projects 2021 (3 March 2020)

Essential presentations from the seminar are available here at our download-center

HSE Issues:

see our Introduction Seminar item list

25 years of German Arctic station in Ny-Aalesund

on 10th August 1991 the German Arctic research station was officially opened, which in 2003 merged with the French station into the joint AWIPEV Base of today. Read more about the (hi)story here

Webcams in Ny-Ålesund

Webcams in Ny-Ålesund


Overview and Archive of web cam pictures (by NPI)

Job Opportunities at AWIPEV

News and blogs


Svalbard Integrated Earth Observing System
The Svalbard observing system for long-term measurements addressing Earth System Science questions

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