To use AWIPEV as a platform for your work, please follow the indications below:

  • Project Proposal

    A wide range of projects is supported at AWIPEV, ranging from short fieldwork periods to long-term, multi-year projects. Various measurements and sampling are possible in the areas of atmospheric, terrestrial, marine and cryosphere research. All projects must go through an annual evaluation process in order to gain access to the station.  Proposals are evaluated for their scientific merit and technical feasibility, and have to be submitted annually for the season beginning April of the following year

    French Projects:

    Proposals have to be submitted to IPEV by 16 July, as

    announced in the IPEV Call for Scientific Projects

    German Projects:

    Proposals have to be submitted to AWI by 30 September, by sending the filled AWIPEV_Proposal_template

    by email to AWIPEV_Antraege (at)

    The large lead time is necessary to allow sufficient time to coordinate station capacities for all accepted projects and to allow the projects to obtain the necessary permits for their field work in a timely manner.

  • Planning Field Work

    Research activities in and around Ny-Ålesund need to follow certain rules and regulations. Information is given in the Researcher's Guide to Ny-Ålesund.

    Accepted projects are requested to take part in the AWIPEV Introductory Seminar which takes place in January/February every year. From a general introduction to the station and how to best plan your stay, the seminar gives an update about the booking processes or any new procedures. It also provides an opportunity to clarify logistical questions or coordinate fieldwork

    Project registration in the RiS portal


    All research projects on Svalbard by need to be registered in the Research in Svalbard (RiS) portal.

    The registration can be done well in advance of field work and does not need to be repeated every time, depending on the duration your project period. However, multi year projects are required to update their project regularly. (This can be done well in advance and should be updated annually for any new field period and/or publication and data set.)

    Register your fieldwork period in RiS

    A fieldwork period defines the period spent in the field (that is at the station and/or in the area).

    Note: A new field period has to be created every year for every period your project has personnel in or around Ny-Ålesund (or on Svalbard in general)


    Apply for research permits in RiS

    Field work on Spitzbergen is regulated by various provisions, mainly by the Governor of Svalbard. All requests for permits have to be done via the RiS portal when editing your project there, sometimes additional permits by other authorities are required.


    The Governor of Svalbard has introduced four fixed application deadlines per year for research activity in Svalbard. (Additional information here.) The deadlines are:

    1st January for fieldwork in March, April, and May.

    1st March for fieldwork in June, July, and August.

    1st July for fieldwork in September, October, and November.

    1st October for fieldwork December, January, and February.


    The Ny-Ålesund Researcher's Guide provides an overview of required research permissions.

    Permit to carry a weapon for polar bear safety

    For all fieldwork outside the settlement of Ny-Ålesund you must be equipped with appropriate means of protection against polar bears (rifle and flare gun).


    To carry a rifle on Svalbard, you must either hold a valid Norwegian firearms permit or a valid European Firearms Pass, otherwise you have to apply  for a permit to borrow a firearm with the Governor of Svalbard.

    For more information please see Safety in the Field in the Ny-Ålesund Researcher's Guide.


    AWIPEV station guests can then borrow rifles from AWIPEV if they have a valid certificate from a polar bear protection course at either AWI or Kings Bay. It is also mandatory to do a yearly refresher on site.

    Note: the village can only be left with a valid license since a rifle must be carried. If you have no license you must be accompanied by someone who has a license and rifle.

    Use of unmanned vehicles (airborne or on/under water)

    UAVs, RPAs, AUVs, ... are becoming more and more versatile for polar research. Their use in Kongsfjorden has to follow newly adopted regulations, ses UAV guidelines in the Ny-Ålesund Researchers Guide.

    Risk Assessment

    All projects are required to submit their risk assessment together with the Logistic Needs Form prior to their field work period.

    Send your risk assessment to logistics (at) and stationleader (at)

    For process instruction how to accomplish a risk assessment, please refer to the HSE department of your home institution. AWI-internal projects can access according documentation in Confluence.


    You may use the AWI risk assessment template or a corresponding document with similar content.

  • Booking Your Stay

    General travel information


    Ny-Ålesund belongs to the easiest accessible remote research stations in the Arctic, both for persons and for cargo. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian have regular flights to Longyearbyen from Oslo and Tromsø.


    The shuttle connection between Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund as well as the actual stay at the station has to be booked via the RiS portal. Shuttle flights are twice a week – please consider the flight schedule and transportation information given by Kings Bay AS.


    General travel information can be found in the Ny-Ålesund Reseacher’s Guide. We strongly advise you to not book your mainland flights until you received the booking confirmation for your booking at Ny-Ålesund as your requested booking dates might not be available.


    Booking of your stay in RiS


    Flights, accommodation and any KingsBay services such as laboratories, chemicals or shooting courses have to be booked via the RiS portal. Before any booking can be made, the respective participant(s) have to be personally registered as "user" within the RiS data base. The project leader can appoint only registered users as project participants. AWIPEV guests staying at the station facilities, please choose ‘own station’ for accommodation.

    Polar Bear Safety:  We demand a yearly refresher shooting course for each person wanting to borrow AWIPEV rifles. Book the refresher course (AWIPEV-course) with Kings Bay for all participants holding a valid  AWI or Kings Bay polar bear safety course (expires after 3 years). Book the AWI or a Kings Bay full course if you have no valid license.

    Important:Double check your bookings in detail and make sure they are correct, especially the billing information.



    Medical Check

    Every expedition member needs to pass a medical check.

    For projects via AWI, please check here for further information, and use the AWI medical questionnaire form.

    IPEV projects will receive all necessary forms and information by IPEV administration after the project approval.


    Personal Questionnaire and Expedition Clothing

    Participants accessing via AWI need to fill a personal questionnaire. Additionally they can request expedition clothing from the AWI clothing store.


    Participants accessing via IPEV can get expedition clothing on site.


    Logistic Needs

    Prepare and submit the Logistic Needs Form at least 6 weeks before departure to Ny-Ålesund. This document enables us to organize your stay and coordinate the resources at the station. A delayed submission can lead to equipment or support not being available at the base.



  • Practicalities

    The Ny-Ålesund Researcher's Guide offers a great overview about what to expect in town and how the research community functions.


    The AWIPEV Base itself consists of several buildings: the Atmospheric Observatory, the Blue House, Rabot and Corbel Station outside town.

    We offer accomodation in town in either the 'Blue House' or 'Rabot' – the former German and French station buildings. All bedroom are double rooms and have shared bathroom facilities.


    Both buildings also offer office spaces and a common room, phone and internet access. As Wifi is not permitted, internet is only availlable via ethernet cables – please bring an adapter if needed.

    Accomodation needs or use of Corbel should be annouced in the project proposals, as the yearly planning will be made at the beginning of each year based on that. The yearly planning will also be presented at the Introductory Seminar. Additional accommodation with can be booked in your RiS booking.


    For more information about AWIPEV facilities please see infrastructure.


    Every station guest will have to take part in the station-in-brief about station rules after arrival. If you will be taking rifles in the field, a yearly rifle refresher course is mandatory – normally on your second day. All trips outside town have to be announced and agreed upon with the stationteam/person on duty.

  • Media Visits

    All requests for media visits (film, photo, art, etc.) have to proceed through the media departments of either AWI (for German media) or IPEV (for French media). See also the general information on media visits to Ny-Ålesund.

    contact at AWI: medien (at)

    contact at IPEV:  aude.sonneville (at)