Projects with activities at the station in 2006

Project Number Title Project Leader Subject
KOL 01 Radiation measurements in Framework of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network - BSRN A. Herber (AWI) Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics
KOL 02a Microwave Observations of Stratospheric Trace Species (NDACC) H. Küllmann, J. Notholt (University of Bremen) Atmospheric Physics, Ozone, Trace Gases
KOL 02b Stratospheric Observations by LIDAR Technique (NDACC) R. Neuber (AWI) Atmospheric Physics, Ozone, Aerosols
KOL 02c Trace Gas Measurements by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) (NDACC) J. Notholt (University of Bremen) Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Trace Gases
KOL 03 Aerosol Optical depth Measurements at Ny-Ålesund A. Herber (AWI) Atmospheric Physics, Aerosols
KOL 04 Seismological "Very Broad Band" Station (VBB-Station) A. Eckstaller (AWI) Seismic Investigations
KOL 05 Measurements of UV Radiation (NDACC) O. Schrems (AWI) Atmospheric Physics, Radiation Budget
KOL 06a Effects of UV Radiation and Temperature on the Physiology and Performance of Brown Algal Spores C. Wiencke (AWI) Marine Plants, UV-Resistance / Sensitivity
KOL 06b Ecophysiology of Marine Macroalgae: Acclimation to Abiotic Stress C. Wiencke (AWI), K. Bischof (University of Kiel) Marine Plants, UV-Radiation
KOL 06c UV Effects on Sublittoral and Eulittoral Macroalgal Communities C. Wiencke (AWI) Marine Plants, UV-Radiation
KOL 12 GPS High-Rate-Station R. Galas (GFZ-Potsdam) GPS-Meteorology, Water Vapor, Occultation Measurements
KOL 13 CHAMP Satellite Receiver P. Offermann (GFZ-Potsdam) GPS-Meteorology, Water Vapor, Occultation Measurements
KOL 14 Cloud Observations M. Shiobara (NIPR), R. Neuber (AWI) Cloud Observations with MPL
KOP 56 Microbiology and Biogeochemical Processes in the Arctic Seafloor V. Brüchert, B. Jørgensen (MPI-Bremen) Marine Microbiology
KOP 69 Stratospheric Water Vapour Balloon Soundings M. Maturilli (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOP 72 Investigation of the Physiological and Cellular Adaption of Plants and Snow Algae to the Arctic Environment C. Lütz (University of Insbruck) Biology
KOP 78 Subsurface Permafrost Drainage in a Glacier Forefield Area as Revealed by Near-Surface Geophysical Profiling G. Schwamborn (AWI) Geophysics, Permafrost
KOP 83 Population Dynamics of Benthic Cockle Communities in Polar Environments J. Laudien (AWI) Marine Biology
KOP 92 Winter Survival in a High Arctic Fjord System: Metabolism and Turnover of Lipids in Zooplankton Key Species M. Graeve (AWI) Marine Chemistry
KOP 94 Tethered Balloon M. Maturilli (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOP 95 FTIR CO2 J. Notholt (University of Bremen) Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Trace Gases
KOP 98 Carbon Isotopic Signature of Atmospheric Methane over Spitsbergen during Winter E. Damm and J. Hartmann (AWI) Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
KOP 99 AWIPEV INVEST Kongsfjorden III D. Dethleff (IPÖ Kiel) Geophysics & Marine Biology
KOP 100 ARCTEX (Arctic Turbulence Experiment) Bareiss, Lüers & Foken (Unis Trier & Bayreuth) Meteorology
KOP 101 Photometer Intercomparison A. Herber (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOP 102 Benthic Microalgae from Arctic Waters U. Karsten (University of Rostock) Marine Biology
KOP 103 Neutron Measurements H. Paretzke, W. Ruehm (GSF) Physics
RAL 313a Orbit Determination H. Fragard Satellite Observation, Geodesy
RAL 313b Doris Meteo Rabot H. Fragard Satellite Observation, Geodesy
RAP 330 Kittiwakes Endocrinology O. Chastel, (CEBC-CNRS) Ecophysiology / Kittiwakes
RAP 332 Eider Physiology T. Raclot (CEPE) Ecophysiology / Eiders
RAP 426 Arctaphid M. Hullé UMR BiO3P, Le Rheu cedex Ecology / Genetic Aphids
RAP 455 PRACEAL P. Mayzaud Marine Biology
RAP 457 IOANA J. Savarino, LGGE Atmospheric Chemistry
COR 304 Hydro Loven FLOWS M Griselin, ThéMA Glaciers Hydrology
COL 351c Ground Climatology J. Besancon Cedex Ground Temperatur Measurements
COL T2 Aerosols Corbel F. Delbart IPEV Brest Atmospheric Chemistry
COL T3 Meteo Corbel F. Delbart IPEV Brest Meteorology