Projects in 2024

grant / project No.RiS No.Project TitleProject PIrelated webpageabstract

2350Surface Radiation Measurements (Baseline Surface Radiation Network, BSRN)Marion Maturilli (AWI)   AWI Long-Term Observations

6817Surface Meteorology (BSRN)Marion Maturilli (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observations
1118Upper-Air Meteorology (BSRN, GRUAN)Marion Maturilli (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observations
AWIPEV_0002390Microwave observations of stratospheric trace species as part of NDACCJustus Notholt (Univ.Bremen)external project page
AWIPEV_00032353Aerosol Optical Depth MeasurementsChristoph Ritter (AWI)
AWIPEV_00046047FTIR measurements of trace gases as part of NDACCJustus Notholt (Univ.Bremen)external project page
AWIPEV_00053186Cloud Observations with Micropulse LidarChristoph Ritter (AWI)MPL Net
AWIPEV_00062023DOAS Measurements of atmospheric trace gases (NDACC)Folkard Wittrock (Univ.Bremen)external project page
AWIPEV_0008ACTRIS LidarChristoph Ritter (AWI)
AWIPEV_00092399Investigation of tropospheric aerosols by lidarChristoph Ritter (AWI)KARL (the Koldewey Aerosol Raman Lidar)
AWIPEV_00103206Stratospheric water vapor soundingsMarion Maturilli (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observation
AWIPEV_00123183GPS High-Rate-StationCarsten Falck (GFZ)external project page
AWIPEV_00136056Satellite Receiving Station Ny-AlesundCarsten Falck (GFZ)external project page
AWIPEV_00146525Remote Sensing of meteorological parametersChristoph Ritter (AWI)
AWIPEV_001610523Synergistic long-term observations of vertically resolved cloud propertiesKerstin Ebell (Univ.Cologne)external project page
AWIPEV_001712378Cosmic Ray Neutron MeasurementsMartin Schrön (UFZ)
AWIPEV_00184893Long-Term investigation of emerging Persitent Organic Pollutants (ePoP Arctic)Zhiyong Xie (Hereon)
AWIPEV_001910745Aerosol observation with solar-moon photometer CIMELChristoph Ritter (AWI), Victoria Cachorro (Univ.Valladolid)AERONET
AWIPEV_00211322Stratospheric Ozone Loss Determination (MATCH)Peter von der Gathen (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observation
AWIPEV_00225784Gamma dose rate measurementsRoger Luff (BfS)BfS Homepage
AWIPEV_002310053Investigation of stratospheric H2O and O3 and their independenceMathias Palm (Univ.Bremen) & Gunter Stober (Univ.Bern)
AWIPEV_002411763Video In-Situ Snowfall SensorMaximilian Maahn (Univ.Leipzig)
AWIPEV_002812168Examining Arctic Atmospheric Ice ParticlesOttmar Möhler, Alexander Böhmländer (KIT)
AWIPEV_0030Probing the polar boundary layer structure with RPASSandro Dahlke (AWI)
AWIPEV_003112274Aerosol variability and interaction with ambient conditionsBirgit Wehnert (TROPOS) & Astrid Lampert (Univ.Braunschweig)
AWIPEV_003212388Understanding Arctic amplification through airmass transformationsFelix Pithan (AWI)
AWIPEV_003512389Polar bromine chemistry and its interaction with the cryosphereBjörn-Martin Sinnhuber (KIT)

internal project no.RiS No.project titleproject PIrelated webpageabstract
AWIPEV_11086815Austre Lovenbreen Snow and IceEric Bernard (CNRS/ Franche-Comté)IPEV project page
AWIPEV_112610515ARCSNOW-3Hans-Werner Jacobi (CNRS/ Univ. Grenoble Alpes)IPEV project page
AWIPEV_119210965Microlife-3Catherine Larose (EC Lyon)IPEV project page
AWIPEV_003311690Seasonal impact on geochemical nutrient cycling and microbial processesRuna Antony (GFZ Potsdam)
grant / project no.RiS No. project titleproject PIrelated webpageabstract
AWIPEV_00112950Sensitivity of the permafrost systems water and energy balanceJulia Boike (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observations
AWIPEV_002011422Field Study of Mars analoguesHarald Hiesinger (Univ.Münster)blog on 2021 activities (German only)
AWIPEV_002510715Permafrost organic matter degradabilityJanet Rethemeyer (Univ.Cologne)external project page
AWIPEV_002912215Investigating the dynamic behaviour of greenhouse gas emissions and influencing factors in Arctic environmentsPeter Dietrich (UFZ)

Saline Permafrost Arctic Coastal Environments: Effects of Post-Glacial Isostasy and Climate Change

Michael Angelopoulos (Univ.Munich/AWI)
AWIPEV_004111480Weathering FluxesLaura Wehrmann (Stony Brook Univ.) / Grit Steinhöfel (AWI)

Habitat change of the lichen Foveolaria nivalis

Burkhard Becker (Univ.Cologne)
AWIPEV_033012507Contaminants exposure and maternal effects in arctic seabirdsOlivier Chastel (CNRS/ Univ. La Rochelle)video clip
NW00110041Ecology on Arctic tundraMaarten Loonen (Univ.Groningen)
grant / project no.RiS No.project titleproject PIrelated webpageabstract
AWIPEV_00075742Underwater ObservatoryPhilipp Fischer (AWI)underwater node webpage


Arctic phytoplankton under multiple stressors (AMUST)Clara Hoppe (AWI)
AWIPEV_002612420 Year-round ecosystem study on Svalbard: seasonally resolving ecosystem functioning in a warming ArcticClara Hoppe (AWI)press release
AWIPEV_002712416Silicic acid Decline Effects on Arctic Marine EcosystemsMar Fernandez-Mendez (AWI)
AWIPEV_003610508Kelp and seaweed population biologyInka Bartsch (AWI)

AWIPEV_0037 & AWIPEV_1190


11219Biology of Arctic benthic algaeLars Gutow (AWI) & Benoit Lebreton (Univ. La Rochelle)


AWIPEV_003812061Nutrient acquisition dynamics by seaweeds and
Francisco Gordillo (Univ.Malaga)
AWIPEV_0039Decadal changes in Kongsfjord epibenthic communitiesJürgen Laudien (AWI)
AWIPEV_004011789Arctic gelatinous zooplankton in the polar nightCharlotte Havermans (AWI)