AWIPEV Introduction Seminar 2023

The AWIPEV Introduction Seminar will be held online.

Part I: Logistics on 8 February 2023, see Agenda

Part II: Science on 28 Feb + 1 March 2023

More information will be provided soon.

Weapon Handling and Training

Next training courses at AWI Bremerhaven are


Please find more information on the according AWI webpage.

Next Container Bremerhaven --> AWIPEV

Deadlines for the next container from AWI-Bremerhaven to AWIPEV:

- freight and packing lists: submision until 16 January 2023

- freight delivery to harbor storage until 20 January 2023

- Norbjørn leaving Tromsø on 17 March, arrival at Ny-Ålesund ~20 March

Freight Handling

Via AWI: Please contact Silke Henkel and Marcus Meierdierks (email: fracht (at) for further information

and see AWI general freight handling infos.

Via IPEV: Please contact Pauline Boucher (+33 2 98 05 6517) and Dominique Fleury (+33 2 98 05 6542)

Schedule of the freight ship Norbjørn in 2022 and in 2023.



Corona Information

... is updated regularly for Ny-Alesund Research Station.

Webcams in Ny-Ålesund

Webcams in Ny-Ålesund

Archive of webcam pictures (by NPI)


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