Next Container Bremerhaven --> AWIPEV

Deadlines for the next container from AWI-Bremerhaven to AWIPEV:

- freight and packing lists: submision until 24 June 2022

- freight delivery to harbor storage until 30 June 2022

- Norbjørn leaving Tromsø on 26 August, arrival at Ny-Ålesund end of August

Freight Handling

Via AWI: Please contact Silke Henkel and Marcus Meierdierks (email: fracht (at) for further information

and see AWI general freight handling infos.

Via IPEV: Please contact Pauline Boucher (+33 2 98 05 6517) and Dominique Fleury (+33 2 98 05 6542)

Schedule of the freight ship Norbjørn.



Corona Information

... is updated regularly for Ny-Alesund Research Station.

Webcams in Ny-Ålesund

Webcams in Ny-Ålesund

Archive of webcam pictures (by NPI)


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