News for 2020 field season

AWIPEV Introduction Seminar

The 2020 AWIPEV Introduction Seminar will be held 
11. and 12. February 2020
Venue: AWI in Bremerhaven
Building D ("Wegener Haus"), Lecture Hall
for access see

About Freight:


News for 2019 field season


Update on RiS, Kings Bay booking and flights, new KB Terms and Conditions:

Read SSF article and KB Terms & Conditions

Marine Lab booking, Teisten booking (current bookings can be found at bottom of those pages)

About Freight:

 AWIPEV one day introductory seminar 2019

19. Feb. 2019, 9:00 - 17:30 at AWI Bremerhaven

Agenda (download)

General infos and AWIPEV logistics

Satellite downlink for GRACE-FO

The satellite receiving station of Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam (GFZ) in Ny-Aalesund is receiving data streams from the recently launched GRACE-FO satellite, as explained in this interview with C. Falck, GFZ. 

Infos for 2018

  • Transportation:

  • First containers:
    Deadline for packing lists and freight list to logistics: 01.03.2018
    Deadline for delivery in Bremerhaven: 05.03.2018

    Deadline for delivery in Brest: 12.03.2018

    Scheduled arrival date in NYA: 10.04.2018

    Second AWI container:
  • Deadline for packing lists and freight list to logistics: 14.05.2018 
    Deadline for delivery in Bremerhaven: 17.05.2018 

    Scheduled arrival date in NYA: 03.07.2018 

Please contact Silke Henkel (AWI) or Isabelle Thepaud (IPEV) for further information.

Visit of the French Ambassador to Norway, Jean-François Dobelle, to AWIPEV

The French Ambassador to Norway, Jean-François Dobelle, visited AWIPEV base 3. - 6. July. For further information on the visit see

IPEV news (in French)

Summer container transport 2017

Second container from Bremerhaven to Ny-Ålesund:  

  • Freight list and packing lists to be delivered to AWI Logistics by 31. May. 2017
  • Deadline for delivery of goods to Hafenlager in Bremerhaven: 8. June 2017
  • Expected arrival in Ny-Ålesund: 19. July  2017

AWIPEV Science Introduction Seminar 2017

The 2017 AWIPEV Science Introductory Seminar will convene at 

IPEV, Ifremer Campus : Technopole Brest Iroise PLOUZANE


20. Feb., 13:30  until
21. Feb., 16:00

For participation, Please fill out this questionaire and return it to Catherine Etienne, IPEV before 30. Jan. 2017

You should also register yourself via doodle, as informed by e-mail.
For details please contact Pascal Morin (IPEV) or Roland Neuber (AWI).

Practical information is provided here.

Special Issues on Kongsfjorden Ecosystem Research

An international team of marine biologists and ecosystem specialists has published two Special Issues of Polar Biology on the Ecosystem Kongsfjorden: New Views after more than a Decade of Research

Klimawandel aendert das Leben im Kongsfjord (auf Deutsch)

Research papers of the Kongsfjorden Ecosystem Workshop 2014 (in English)

The volumes are published by Springer:

Spring transport 2017

First container from Bremerhaven to Ny-Aalesund:

  • Deadline for delivery in Bremerhaven: 22. Feb. 2017
    (Paperwork due 16. Feb. 2017)
  • Expected arrival in Ny-Aalesund: 5. April 2017

Arctic Science Summit Week 2017

The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2017 will host a rich list of scientific sessions, where results from work at AWIPEV base and from Ny-Aalesund can be presented to an interdisciplinary audience. 

Deadline for abstract submission is 16 December 2016.

See list of scientific sessions.

AWIPEV Under Water Observatory featured by NRK

The Under Water Observatory (UWO) in Ny-Aalesund is featured in this prime time NRK news, reporting of the observation of the warming Kongsfjord. 

(In Norwegian only)

Read more about the UWO here.

Visit of the French Minister for the Environment, Mme S. Royal to AWIPEV

Mme Ségolène Royal, French Minister for the Environment, visited AWIPEV Base 17. - 21. August, see

The French Minister for the Environment, Energy, and the Sea (in French)

IPEV news (in French)

Le Monde (in French)

25 years of German Arctic station in Ny-Aalesund

on 10th August 1991 the German Arctic research station was officially opened, which in 2003 merged with the French station into the joint AWIPEV Base of today. Read more about the (hi)story here

Visit of the German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks to AWIPEV

The German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks visited AWIPEV base last week. Infos about her visit can be found on these web sites:


German Federal Ministry for the Environment

The Netherlands Arctic Station


This Fall: Series of Ny-Aalesund Flagship activities

Several of the Ny-Aalesund Flagship programmes are having meetings or workshops later this fall, 
you are invited to active participation with your Ny-Aalesund programme.

Atmosphere Flagship series of open work group meetings in October 

Kongsfjorden Ecosystem open workshop: Adaptation to environmental changes in the Arctic

Glaciology ResearchNÅGLAMB – Ny-Ålesund GLAcier Mass Balance workshop in Oslo, Norway 


Information handout from AWIPEV Seminar

Following the AWIPEV Introductory Seminar 2016,

the following handouts have been prepared:

Unusual cold stratosphere creates conditions for severe ozone depletion

The stratosphere above Spitsbergen is currently extremely cold, which is a prerequisite for ozone loss there. Find news at AWI and Science, find daily temperatures from AWIPEV here.

Annual dates for container transportation from Bremerhaven

Scheduled Arrival date Ny-Aa.Deadline for delivery in Bremerhaven


All freight lists have to arrive at least 3 working days in advance with

Silke.Henkel [at]

AWIPEV Seminar 2016

The next joint French-German AWIPEV Introduction Seminar will take place

26. - 29. January 2016

including the AWI polar bear protection course and shooting training
28./29. Jan. 2016

Venue: AWI Bremerhaven, Building D


  • Introduction to the 2016 scientific projects at AWIPEV Base
    26. Jan., 14:00 - 18:00
    27. Jan., 10:00 - 17:00
  • Introduction to base logistics and expedition preparation
    28. Jan., 9:30 
  • Polar Bear Protection 14:30

  • Practical shooting exercise
    29. Jan., 8:00

Detailed science talks agenda .

Logistics handout 2016 

Workshop on Atmospheric Studies

An international workshop on


will take place in Sopot, Poland, 28-29 Jan. 2016.

The workshop intends to prepare and to coordinate field activities of atmospheric research on Svlabard in Spring 2016.

Please find the First Announcement here.

ANR/DFG French German Research Call

ANR and DFG have published a new call open to joint German-French research projects in all fields of the Natural, Life and Engineering Sciences including interdisciplinary research.

Deadline for proposal submissions is 2. Dec. 2015.

Information is given on the DFG Joint Call web site, by IPEV News, and through ANR for the "Projets franco-allemands (DFG)".

New NySMAC web site launched

At the 2015 Ny-Aalesund Seminar the NySMAC secretariat launched the new NySMAC web site with lots of updated information, e.g. about the revived Ny-Aalesund Flagship Programmes.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visits AWIPEV Base

8. July

During his stay in Ny-Ålesund, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende visited the AWIPEV base. They were informed about climate research and work at the base.

Ny-Aalesund Week Tromsoe 2015

the next

Ny-Ålesund Seminar

will convene in Tromsoe, 23 - 25 September 2015

highlighting the Ny-Aalesund Flagship programmes,

including a dedicated Atmosphere Flagship Symposium

Deadline for Abstracts: 15. June 2015

All info in the 2nd Circular or here.


Visit of Germany's Federal Minister of Education and Research to AWIPEV

The German Federal Minister of Education and Research, Prof. Wanka, visited Ny-Aalesund and the AWIPEV Base 8. - 10. April 2015:

at (in German)

at (in German)


Solar Eclipse 20.3.2015, 11:09-11:12

Photos from the solar eclipse at Ny Ålesund can be found in our gallery

Starting into 2015


 News item about the Marine Night project Jan./Feb. 2015 at the
Helmholtz Arktis Blog (in english).


Atmo Flag Workshop

A workshop for scientists interested in atmospheric research in Ny-Ålesund and how to link with other sites at Svalbard and beyond is planned for October 2014.
The SSF funded workshop contributes to the Flagship activities within the Ny-Ålesund Science Plan.

For more info visit the workshop web site or contact Roland Neuber