Science Proposals for AWIPEV

Research at the AWIPEV Base with the stations Koldewey, Rabot and Corbel covers a large field of modern polar research. Both, long term and short term projects of atmospheric research, marine and terrestrial biology, or cryosphere research, are carried out at the AWIPEV Research Base.

Many different measurements, excursions, as well as field expeditions are possible at the base. Prominent examples are atmospheric long term measurements, scientific diving, glacier expeditions, installation of measuring systems in the permafrost and launches of research balloons.

New project proposals:

  • Project proposals have to be submitted annually for the season beginning April of the following year.
  • Proposals are evaluated for their scientific merit and technical feasibility.
  • French project proposals have to be submitted to IPEV by 16 July,
    please see details for the IPEV Call for Scientific Projects 
  • German project proposals have to be submitted to AWI by 30 September,
    by sending this filled TEMPLATE by e-mail to
    AWIPEV_Antraege (at) i.e. this link .

From previous projects:

>> Publications originating from AWIPEV-Base: follow this link 

>> Publication data base at IPEV: Polar References 

>> Project descriptions frome previous years