Projects with activities at the station in 2012

Project Number Title Project Leader Subject
KOL 01 Radiation measurements in Framework of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network M. Maturilli(AWI) Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics
KOL 02a Microwave observations of stratospheric trace species within the scope of the NDACC Justus Notholt (University of Bremen) / Otto Schrems (AWI) Atmospheric Physics, Ozone, Trace Gases
KOL 02c Trace gas measurements by Fourier Transform Spectrosocopy (FTIR) within the NDACC Justus Notholt (University of Bremen) / Otto Schrems (AWI) Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Trace Gases
KOL 03 Aerosol Optical depth Measurements at Ny-Ålesund A. Herber (AWI) Atmospheric Physics, Aerosol
KOL 04 Seismological "Very Broad Band" Station (VBB-Station) A. Eckstaller (AWI) Seismic Investigations
KOL 06 Biology of Arctic macroalgae C. Wiencke (AWI) Marine Plants, UV-Resistance / Sensitivity
KOL 07 Marine Observatory C. Wiencke (AWI) Marine Biology
KOL 08 Determination of Heavy Metals in Aerosols and Deposition Samples M. Kriews (AWI) Atmospheric Chemistry
KOL 09 Investigations of Tropospheric Aerosols by LIDAR Ch. Ritter (AWI) Atmospheric Physics, Aerosols
KOL 10 DOAS-Measurements of atmospheric trace gases (NDACC) John P. Burrows (University of Bremen) Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Ozone, Trace Gases
KOL 11 Heat and mass flux in permafrost soils J. Boike (AWI) Hydrology, Permafrost
KOL 12 GPS High-Rate-Station Carsten Falck (GFZ-Potsdam) GPS-Meteorology, Occultation Measurements
KOL 13 Satellite Receiving Station Ny-Alesund Carsten Falck (GFZ-Potsdam) GPS-meteorology, Occultation Measurements
KOL 14 Cloud Observations M. Shiobara (NIPR), R. Neuber (AWI) Cloud Observations with MPL
KOL 15 Neutron Measurements H. Paretzke, W. Ruehm (GSF) Physics
KOL 16 Balloon-Borne Measurements of Stratospheric Water Vapour M. Maturilli (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOL 17 Stratospheric Ozone Loss Determination (MATCH) P. von der Gathen (AWI) Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Ozone
KOL 18 Tethered Balloon Measurements of the Arctic Boundary Layer M. Maturilli (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOL 19 Succession of benthic communities and benthic resilience in polar environments J. Laudien (AWI) Marine Biology
KOP 83 Population dynamics of benthic cockle communities in polar environments J. Laudien (AWI) Marine Biology
KOP 117 Impact of ocean acidification and warming on the polar shelled pteropod Limacina helicina Ulf Riebesell Marine Biology
KOP 124 A comparison of krill species within a natural experiment of climatic adaptability F. Buchholz Marine Biology
KOP 132 Field studies of Mars analogues D. Reiss (U. Muenster) Geophysics
KOP 136 Test of Eddy Flux Measurements C. Ritter (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOP 141 ePOP Ebinghaus (HZG) Atmospheric Chemistry
KOP 144 Arctic Amphepods and pollution K. Broeg (AWI) Marine Biology
KOP 146a Boundary Layer feasibility investigations with radiometer C. Ritter (AWI) Atmospheric Science
KOP 146b Boundary Layer feasibility investigations with wind lidar C. Ritter (AWI) Atmospheric Science
RAP 330 prg 330 - ORNITHO-ENDOCRINO O. Chastel Biology
RAP 337 prg 337 - Gravite Y. Rogister Geophysics
RAP 399 CHIMERPOL II T. Vogel Atmospheric Chemistry
RAP 1015 OPTIMISM F. Vivier Geophysics
COP 1030 CLIMSLIP-NyA W. Jacobi Atmospheric Chemistry
RAP 1039 KREVET J.-Y. Toulleci Marine Biology
RAP 1059 SEISPITZ12 A. Baltzer-Rousseti Seismics
RAP 1090 APOLOBIS L. Chauvaud Marine Biology
RAP 1092 ECOTAB N. Morata Marine Biology