Projects at AWIPEV in 2018

 RIS*    Title
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KOL 01 2350Surface Radiation Measurements
(Baseline Surface Radiation Network, BSRN)
M. Maturilli(AWI) PANGEAMeteorology, Atmospheric Physics
  6817 Surface Meteorology
  1118 Meteorological Upper Air Soundings
KOL 02a 390Microwave observations of
stratospheric trace species within the scope of the NDACC
Justus Notholt (University of Bremen) RAMAtmospheric Physics, Ozone, Trace Gases
KOL 02c 6047Long term measurements of stratospheric
and tropospheric trace gases as part of the NDACC
Justus Notholt (University of Bremen) NDACCAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Trace Gases
KOL 03 3214Aerosol Optical depth Measurements at Ny-Ålesund C. Ritter
Atmospheric Physics, Aerosol
KOL 07 5742AWIPEV Kongsfjorden Underwater Monitoring Station Ph. Fischer (AWI) COSYNAMarine Biology

KOL 07b NWO 03

6513Monitoring in Arctic coastal Phytoplankton (MAP) A. Buma (U. Groningen) Marine Biology

KOL 07d /
RAP 1141

10277Monitoring carbonate chemistry at UWO

J.-P. Gattuso (Obs-VLFR)

OOVMarine Biology
KOL 09 2399Investigations of Tropospheric Aerosols by LIDAR Ch. Ritter (AWI) Atmospheric Physics, Aerosols
KOL 10 2023 DOAS-Measurements of atmospheric trace gases (NDACC) John P. Burrows (University of Bremen)



Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Ozone, Trace Gases
KOL 11 2950Sensitivity of the permafrost systems water and energy balance J. Boike (AWI)



Hydrology, Permafrost
KOL 12 3183GPS High-Rate-Station Carsten Falck (GFZ-Potsdam) GPS-Meteorology, Occultation Measurements
KOL 13 6056Satellite Receiving Station Ny-Alesund Carsten Falck (GFZ-Potsdam) GPS-Meteorology, Occultation Measurements
KOL 14 3186Cloud Observations with Micropuls Lidar M. Shiobara (NIPR), R. Neuber (AWI) MPLnetCloud Observations with MPL
KOL 15 3211Neutron Measurements H. Paretzke, W. Ruehm (GSF) ndbPhysics
KOL 16 3206Balloon-Borne Measurements of Stratospheric Water Vapour M. Maturilli (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOL 17 1322Stratospheric Ozone Loss Determination
P. von der Gathen (AWI) NDACCAtmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Ozone
KOL 18 6525Atmospheric Boundary Layer Measurements
M. Maturilli, C. Ritter (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOL 22 5784Gamma Dose Rate Measurements R. Luff (BA Strahlenschutz) Physics
KOP 56 10528Biogeochemistry of carbon, iron and sulfur cycling in West-Svalbard fjords

Prof. Dr. Bo Barker Jørgensen

(Univ. Aarhus)

KOP 132 3150Investigating periglacial and glacial structures on Brøgger Peninsula Dennis Reiss (Uni Münster) Geophysics
KOP 141 4893 Longterm investigation of emerging
Persistent Organic Pollutants
Zhiyong Xie (HZG) Atmospheric Chemistry
KOP 151 6790Arctic under multiple stressors Clara J M Hoppe (AWI)
Marine Biology
KOP 154 10053Investigation of stratospheric H2O and O3 and their independence M. Palm (U. Bremen) / N. Kaempfer (U. Bern) Atmospheric Chemistry
KOP 161 6521Sea Ice Reflectometry M. Semmling (GFZ) Geophysics
KOP 166 10523

Synergistic long-term observations of vertically resolved cloud properties 

Susanne Crewell (Uni Köln) Geophysics
KOP 168 10977ALADINA Variability of Boundary Layer Aerosol

A. Lampert (TU Braunschweig)

J. Bange (U. Tübingen)


Atmospheric Physics
KOP 169 11130Intensified meteorological balloon soundings M. Maturilli (AWI) Atmospheric Physics
KOP 171 10715Permafrost organic matter degradability J. Rethemeyer (Univ Cologne) Geophysics
KOP 173 10745Aerosol observation with sun, moon photometer C. Ritter (AWI) &V. Cachorro (U. Valladolid) Atmospheric Physics
KOP 175 10774CLIMARCTIC U. Karsten (Univ. Rostock et al.) Biology
KOP 176 10974YOPP Radiosoundings M. Maturilli (AWI) Meteorology
NWO 01 10041Geese on Arctic tundra Maarten Loonen (U. Groningen) Biology
NWO 03 6513Monitoring in Arctic coastal Phytoplankton (MAP) A. Buma (U. Groningen) Marine Biology
NWO 05 Aliens in the polar regions R. Aerts (VU Amsterdam) Biology
RAP 313a 3193Orbit determination - DORIS
RAP 330 2996

Breeding phenology of Arctic Seabirds (ORNITHO-ENDOCRINO) O. Chastel (CEBC) Biology: Ecophysiology, Ecotoxicology, Ecology
RAP 1026 10794Polarisation of the auroral red line (POLARLIS 3) J. Lilensten (LPG) Ionospheric science
RAP 1108 6815 Austre Lovénbreen - Snow and Ice (ALSI) B. Eric (U. Franche-Comte) Geography, Geomorphology, Glaciology
RAP 1111 10280 (ALWA) C. Marlin (IDES) Glaciology, Hydrology
RAP 112610515ARCSNOWH.W. JacobiGlaciology, Atmospheric sciences, Climatology
RAP 1134 6822 Monitoring of surface water vapour isotopic composition (ARCTISO) V. Masson Delmotte (LSCE) Atmospheric Physics
RAP 1141 10277


JP. Gattuso (Obs-VLFR) OOVMarine Biology
RAP 1192MircoLifeC. LaroseBiology / Ecology
RAP 120611077INTAROS-SVALBARDM-N HoussaisClimatology, Environmental Science, Glaciology, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Oceanography, Physical Sciences
RAP 1207MESSIJ. SonkeAtmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Science
  *Italic:RiS project:
ended or missing field period