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2350Surface Radiation Measurements (Baseline Surface Radiation Network, BSRN)Marion Maturilli (AWI)   AWI Long-Term Observations
6817Surface Meteorology (BSRN)Marion Maturilli (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observations
1118Upper-Air Meteorology (BSRN, GRUAN)Marion Maturilli (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observations
KOL01add11899Additional Radiosondes for HALO-AC3Marion Maturilli (AWI)HALO-AC3 webpage
KOL02a390Microwave observations of stratospheric trace species within the scope of the NDACCJustus Notholt (Univ.Bremen)external project page
KOL02c6047Long-Term measurements of stratospheric and tropospheric trace gases as part of the NDACCJustus Notholt (Univ.Bremen)external project page
KOL032353Aerosol Optical Depth MeasurementsChristoph Ritter (AWI)
KOL092399Investigation of tropospheric aerosols by lidarChristoph Ritter (AWI)KARL (the Koldewey Aerosol Raman Lidar)
KOL102023DOAS Measurements of atmospheric trace gases (NDACC)Folkard Wittrock (Univ.Bremen)external project page
KOL123183GPS High-Rate-StationCarsten Falck (GFZ)external project page
KOL136056Satellite Receiving Station Ny-AlesundCarsten Falck (GFZ)external project page
KOL143186Cloud Observations with Micropulse LidarChristoph Ritter (AWI)MPL Net
KOL153211Neutron MeasurementsVladimir Mares (HZM)external project page
KOL163206Balloon-borne measurements of stratospheric water vaporMarion Maturilli (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observation
KOL171322Stratospheric Ozone Loss Determination (MATCH)Peter von der Gathen (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observation
KOL186525Atmospheric boundary layer measurementsChristoph Ritter (AWI)
KOL225784Gamma dose rate measurementsRoger Luff (BfS)BfS Homepage
KOP1414893Long-Term investigation of emerging Persitent Organic Pollutants (ePoP Arctic)Zhiyong Xie (Hereon)
KOP15410053Investigation of stratospheric H2O and O3 and their independenceMathias Palm (Univ.Bremen)
KOP16610523Synergistic long-term observations of vertically resolved cloud propertiesKerstin Ebell (Univ.Cologne)external project page
KOP17310745Aerosol observation with solar-moon photometer CIMELChristoph Ritter (AWI), Victoria Cachorro (Univ.Valladolid)AERONET
KOP18411745BELUGA Tethered Balloon MeasurementsHolger Siebert (TROPOS)press release

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RAP 11086815Austre Lovenbreen Snow and IceEric Bernard (CNRS/ Franche-Comté)IPEV project page
RAP 112610515ARCSNOW-2Hans-Werner Jacobi (CNRS/ Univ. Grenoble Alpes)IPEV project page
RAP 119210965Microlife-2Catherine Larose (EC Lyon)IPEV project page
KOP18011690Frozen organic matter cycling in glacial environments (FROMAGE)Liane Benning (GFZ Potsdam)
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KOL112950Sensitivity of the permafrost systems water and energy balanceJulia Boike (AWI)AWI Long-Term Observations
KOP13211422Field Study of Mars analoguesHarald Hiesinger (Univ.Münster)blog on 2021 activities (German only)
KOP17110715Permafrost organic matter degradabilityJanet Rethemeyer (Univ.Cologne)external project page
KOP18511632Arctic Microbial Permafrost DegradationKaren Lloyd (Univ.Tennessee)

Pole to Pole exchange: Climate facilitated cyanobacterial parasite pressure & mat ecosystem response

Daniel Dietrich & Eva Riehle (Univ.Konstanz)
KOP18711898Prasiolacaea from the Svalbard archipelago: an updated taxonomySvenja Heesch (Univ.Rostock)
KOP18911922Arctic Functional Plant EcologyMichael Kleyer (Univ.Oldenburg)related publication
NWO 0110041Ecology on Arctic tundraMaarten Loonen (Univ.Groningen)
RAP33011535Contaminants exposure and maternal effects in arctic seabirdsOlivier Chastel (CNRS/ Univ. La Rochelle)video clip
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11219Biology of Arctic benthic algae

Lars Gutow (AWI)


Benoit Lebreton (Univ. La Rochelle)

KOL075742Underwater ObservatoryPhilipp Fischer (AWI)underwater node webpage
KOL07bMonitoring Arctic PhytoplanktonWillem van de Poll (Univ. Groningen)


Arctic phytoplankton under multiple stressors (AMUST)Clara Hoppe (AWI)
KOP18311789Arctic gelatinous zooplankton in the polar nightCharlotte Havermans (AWI)
RAP120611077Contributing to an INTegrated ARctic Observing System around Svalbard (INTAROS-Svalbard)Marie-Noelle Houssais (CNRS/ Univ.Marie Curie Paris)Intaros EU project webpage
RAP122311508Kongsfjorden new benthic habitat (KONBHAS)Agnes Baltzer (CNRS/ Univ. Nantes)
RAP124011471Study of Ny-Alesund plankton community responses to brownificationBehzad Mostajir (CNRS/ Univ. Montpellier)
RAP124811676Effects of multiple environmental drivers on Arctic benthic organisms and communities (ARCTOS)Steeve Comeau & Frédéric Gazeau (CNRS-LOV) 
KOP17511975Structure and function of microbial communities on marine shallow water sediments and on tundra soilsUlf Karsten (Univ. Rostock)
internal project no.RiS No.project titleproject PIrelated webpage
RAP102610794POLArisation of the thermospheric Red Line In Svalbard (POLARLIS)Jean Lilensten (CNRS/ Univ. Grenobles Alpes)
RAP1269newField test of a very high sensitivity spectrometer for polar aurora studiesMathieu Barthelemy (CNRS/ Univ. Grenobles Alpes)